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So is a vegan diet good for fighting acne? Today I want to look at how a vegan diet can help with Acne. For many of us Acne is a distant memory of our teenage years, and was not too bad. However, for 50 million Americans and probably 300 million people worldwide, it can be a very severe condition and last for years, for some people even decades! So is a vegan diet good for fighting acne?

Benefits of a Vegan Diet for Acne

Acne can be frustrating, confidence draining and emotionally taxing. Indeed, for many younger, (and some older,) people it can even bring on depression. Particularly during our late teens to mid twenties. This is a time when we are identifying who we are, and much of this is how we are seen by others. I just want to stress here that for many people acne is far more than a minor irritation.

But the good news is that diet can play a huge part in preventing, or reducing the effects of, acne. Indeed, among the dietary choices, a vegan diet has emerged as a promising solution for those seeking clearer healthy skin.

Not only does a vegan diet help the reduction of acne on those prone to it, but has a large impact on our health in general, animal welfare and the environment.

But does a vegan work for acne? If so how?

Reduce Inflammation.

Inflammation is a key contributor to acne formation, and a vegan diet offers an array of anti-inflammatory foods that can counteract this process. Plant-based diets are rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, all of which are brimming with antioxidants and phytonutrients that combat inflammation naturally. Additionally, inflammatory triggers like dairy and processed meats, are of course not found in a vegan diet, this further contributes to reducing skin inflammation.

Balancing hormones.

Hormonal imbalances, especially excess androgen, (in proper measure these contribute to growth and reproduction,) can stimulate this sebaceous glands (just under the skin), leading to an overproduction of sebum, (the oily substance secreted on the skin), then blocked pores and acne breakout. A vegan diet particularly one focused on whole foods can help regulate hormone levels due to its low saturated fat content and high fiber intake. Studies have shown that diet rich in fruits and vegetables can support hormone metabolism thus potentially alleviating hormonal acne.

Though we have mentioned it briefly I think at this point we need to look at hormones in more depth. It is no coincidence that most people’e issues with acne occurs shortly after puberty when hormones are changing, mostly increasing. Now those that are consuming milk, yogurt and cheese need to ask, what hormones are in this dairy produce.

Bearing in mind the milk is being produced by a cow that has recently been pregnant and will be again soon, (the cow of course has no say in the matter,) such milk will be flooded with female and growth hormones. Indeed, that, the fats and energy is the purpose of cow’s milk! It is there to turn a calf from its 65 to 90lb (from 30 to 40kg) birth weight towards its fully grown weight of 1000 to 4000 lbs (Upton 1800kgs.) I am not suggesting milk does this on its own, far from it, but it is there to give it the best start in doing it.

Gut Health and Acne

The health of the microbes in our gut plays a crucial role in overall well-being including skin health. Plant-based diets particularly those rich in fiber promote a diverse and healthy good microbiome (the living essential microbes in the gut.) A thriving gut ecosystem can enhance nutrient absorption, support immune function and reduce systemic inflammation all of which indirectly contribute to better skin health and reduces acne severity. Indeed, recent studies show the healthy gut microbes play a huge part in our overall health.

When the gut is breaking down meat, this is a much longer, more difficult process than to break down the nutrients within fruit and vegetables. It is more akin to the meat rotting as its broken down in the gut, and produces inflammation and other difficulties that can manifest themselves in the short term like acne but often much more in later life. This is particularly so for processed meat, but even lean meat takes up the space in the gut that with plant-based diets would be cushioned and protected by fiber. Of course fish, meat and dairy has no fiber.

A recent study conducted in the USA found that Upton 97% of meat-eaters are deficient in the amount of fiber they consume.

Low glycemic index foods

The vegan diet often consists of foods with a low glycemic index (GI). Low GI foods cause a slower, more gradual increase in blood sugar levels, minimizing insulin spikes. High insulin levels can trigger sebum production leading to acne breakouts. By focusing on low GI foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains, individuals on a vegan diet can help stabilize their blood sugar levels and potentially improve acne symptoms.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A vegan diet can provide ample sources of essential Omega-3 fatty acids through foods like flax seeds, chai seeds or nuts and hemp seeds. Omega-3 fatty acid has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce acne associated inflammation. These healthy facts can also promote skin elasticity and hydration linked to a more radiant complexion

Dairy and the Acne connection

Multiple studies have shown a strong association between dairy consumption and acne. Through products such as milk and cheese can influence hormone levels and include insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) a hormone linked to acne development, as follows on from the comments made under the digestive system. By eliminating dairy from their diet, individuals can potentially see a reduction in acne break outs and achieve clearer skin

Nutrient rich super food

s often incorporate nutrient-dense super foods into their diets, such as spirulina, chlorella and Moinga. These super foods are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote skin repair and renewal. They also support the body’s detoxification process, which can be beneficial for individuals struggling with acne due to toxin buildup, (as well as many others.)


Transitioning to a vegan diet not only brings numerous benefits for personal health, animal welfare and the environment, but also holds significant potential for improving acne prone skin. By embracing a plant based lifestyle individual can tackle acne from the inside and out, targeting inflammation hormone balances and gut health. All of these are factors contributing to acne development. With an abundance of wholesome, nutrient rich plant based foods available, adopting a vegan diet can pave the way for a radiant, blemish-free complexion and a happier healthier life.

Though it may be counter intuitive, some people feel they need to do a little more than just change their diet to change their skin complexion. For those I have added a link below to a package book meant to clear a skin by a healthy means. I should say that this was not produced as a vegan information set and therefore it may well contain animal products within it. I am not particularly recommending this book, and related offers, but it is an option for people to consider if they wish to go a step further. It is not necessary to buy the product at the end of the video but the video might be interesting to enhance your understanding of the condition.

Nothing that I have said within this document should be taken as conflicting with medical advice. I respectfully suggest if you have a severe case of acne, that you contact a medical professional in any case.

However, from the feedback I read online, a lot of the medical advice seems relatively ineffectual, certainly in the long term, but you will be a better judge than me of that.

Please click here to watch the video and have the option of taking further steps to clear up your acne condition. If you should choose to buy the package, I receive a small commission.

I hope this has been of some use to you and perhaps if you only came here to find information on acne it will cause you to think about your diet in general. Please feel free to look over the rest of the website. I would also appreciate any feedback you can give me, on this subject, or in general on the subject of veganism.

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions for an area for me to cover please let me know. As a practicing vegan and one who likes to research the subject, I have a pretty good understanding of the subject, but am happy to help even if it means me doing some research. Many thanks for visiting.

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