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I am Peter, founder of the veganpeter.com website and experience. I am now vegan, though have not always been so a (not so brief) note about me before then.

I was brought up in a fairly traditional family, being told that meat was good for you and made you strong ad that cow’s milk too was healthy and gave you strong bones! Of course we now know this not to be the case.

I seem to have been dieting for many years, and doing regular weight sets since I was 16 – when able. However, my emphasis was always on health and looking reasonable, rather than on the display on those dreaded scales! I have tried many diets, some of which worked for me while I stuck to them in the short term, but many only that. I now believe I have found what works for me and I know it will work for you.

However, I think it is so much more than what the scales say. It is important to feel comfortable and confident in your body. We are only now discovering the true extent of what our weight and diet choices have on our overall health, both in the short and long term. When we add this to the impact we have on others, including animals, and conservation of the planet, both now and, what we leave for the next generations, I believe, and hope you agree, this has never been more important! Though back to those scales, the numbers will drop if you follow the program but the feeling of wellness and good health is far more important to me and the impact on animals and the planet we live in should be paramount for us all.

I want to give you a bit of background of who I am and what my story is.

I Have Struggled With My Weight For Years And Have Been Largely Ignorant!…

Growing up and in my 20s and 30s I was very active in many sports but particularly running (including the London marathon 5 times,) but also swimming, badminton, football and weight training, amongst others. It was really when I undertook a senior position at work that my weight started to get out of hand. Promotions meant more and more time at work, usually nine or ten hours a day but sometimes 12 or 16 hours a day, largely behind a desk or in meetings. Though, there was a lot of driving too. While I tried to eat healthy and maintain my exercise routine something had to give.

My weight increased, and once it starts to, it becomes much more difficult to get back to the old routine. However, there was much worse to come! An accident at work left me permanently disabled with a devastating back injury with prolapsed discs, which, despite an operation, left me with an unstable spine. This meant I was in constant pain and with a lot of medication to combat it.

I still tried to exercise when I could though of course that was greatly reduced and many days, and all the first year, impossible. Diets seemed to work but only in the short term causing the “Yo Yo” effect. Looking back, I never really considered the holistic effect of what I was eating and where the food was coming from. Indeed, I was eating on some occasions out of boredom.

Then, over a decade later, following quite a bit of “badgering” from my son, (that I will forever be grateful for,) I watched a documentary, on many things, but mainly the impact of a vegan diet on health in general, but it was the effects on long-term illness and injury that particularly resonated with me. I didn’t really expect anything to make any difference to my condition, after all, the medical profession had given up on me and just left me to take the pills. Least of all did I expect a diet to help me! But I thought of the desperate position I was in and decided that I didn’t have anything to lose. I dived into it “head first” and to cut a long story short, as the saying goes, I “never looked back.”

Except I do. I am not “fixed” and still need a considerable amount of medication, but the positive impact of my diet has truly been life altering and affirming. I still have to combine with other approaches to keeping weight off, with some keto and some intermittent fasting, but I can do it now. Plus when I realized we don’t have to eat animal products, indeed these animal products are damaging us, it had a profound effect on me, knowing we don’t have to treat them as we do and damage our health and the planet at the same time!

I Am On a Healthy Dieting Mission, One That Will Help Others, Question “The Norm” That Many Of Us Were Brought Up With, And Help Animals And The Planet!

After years “on the side-lines,” my mission is to help other people achieve healthy diet results. It’s what will now give me enjoyment and satisfaction. Hopefully, I can also help people in the position I was in to get rid of some of that pain too, maybe a lot of it. Of course, I know for many a vegan diet will not be enough and I am one of those. I use other diets/techniques as well as veganism. There will also be those that going vegan is a big step, and too far just yet. Cutting down on animal products or vegetarianism is a start.

I have also joined the largest affiliate program in the world with 2.7 million members. Wealthy Affiliate This company has helped a huge number of people achieve their dream of success online over the last 16 years. They also teach people how to set up their blogs like this one, where they can take their passion and build a business around it whatever that passion may be. If you are interested in joining me and connecting with me over there, you can contact me here and I will be delighted to help you with the process. I am still relatively new to the process but am learning quickly as I am sure you will do. It is free to join and there are no obligations if you just want to try it out or if you really want to dive right in. It is free while you have a look around in the early stages and decide if it’s for you. So just drop me a message and I will be happy to guide you through the process. I have recently gone through the process of joining and setting up this website. If I don’t know all the answers, I will know where to find them. What have you got to lose?


My Goal is helping you achieve your goals.

This is through my experience and the ideas that I am constantly trying and researching in the industry. If you want to get and feel healthy and hopefully avoid problems now and further down the line, then I want to help you. If you want to lose weight and look good while reducing your negative impacts on animals and the planet, then I look forward to helping you, that is what my website and content is here for, to help you!

But more, I want to help you if you are in the transition period, from starting to reduce meat and dairy, or to be fully vegan.

At the very least I hope to answer any questions you may have and there are many of them. Many non-vegans want to know the answer to questions like, “what is a vegan diet plan”, “what is being a vegan about,” Why is a vegan diet good” and “what are the benefits of being vegan?” I also go into detail about such things as where we vegans get our protein and why many people are turning to veganism.

Incidentally, I have never enjoyed food so much as I do on my current diet, there are many brilliant ideas for food out there vegetarian and (for me) vegan.

I would also like to invite you to share your ideas with me, ask any questions you may have, or just drop in and say hello in the comments section below.

Anyway that is my story, what I want to help you with, and why I care. I can’t wait to get started with you.

Can I also remind you that on a vegan diet just as any vegan diet it is important to stay hydrated. Can I also suggest you get a very large drinking tumbler and always keep your hot or cold drink nearby. My personal favourite, and I know many other people’s, is the one that can be found here on Amazon However, please don’t buy it just because I like it. I think it’s great especially with the length of time it can keep a drink cold, even in the height of summer or in a hot car. For that reason, along with some others, I think this is one of the best. I have a cheap one from a budget brand and one of these meoky ones and the latter is definitely worth the extra money in my opinion. However, maybe you don’t need that, or perhaps a cheaper, or more expensive one would suit you better. Maybe you do not want such a big cup (and it is huge,) though they do other sizes. But can I suggest you have a look at the range available through this link and choose one or two. Personally I like one in use and one in the fridge keeping cool. I know some people collect every colour! I am not often a hot drink person, but it that is your choice it will keep a big drink hot for longer than most. But, perhaps your hot drink one could be smaller?

If you want the top quality cup/beaker and do not mind waiting for it to be delivered you can buy one direct and save money. Mine took about ten days to come, they can’t match the service of amazon but if the speed is not as important to you as value you can order direct from the manufacturer and they have a great offer on at the moment. Please click here for more details. Please note that if you buy through either of the above items I will receive a small commission, though you will pay no more.

But let us not loose sight of the main message here, it is important to stay well hydrated, on this or any other diet, and most of us are not good at that, so please do something to ensure your fluid uptake is high. 

Many thanks for dropping by. I really would welcome any feedback or suggestions for this website,

Maybe you have something to contribute? I have no doubt many of you have inspiring stories about how a vegan diet has positively changed your life. Perhaps we could share some of them here. There are conditions that I must comply to should you wish to contribute, things like it being an original work and giving up copyright to allow me to use it, but we can go through that later. Please just drop me a message here or by email and I will get back to you.

Finally lets have a reminder of what this is all for, yes it’s for our health for the treatment of animals, but also for the planet, and ensuring it is here in a habitable and hopefully healthy state for our great grandchildren and theirs.

Peter Pont

w. veganpeter.com

e. peter@veganpeter.com

2 thoughts on “About Peter – Founder”

  1. Louise Ellison

    Really interesting website, not a vegan as love cheese! However really interested in the Keto diet. Thank you for providing so much information.

    1. Thanks for the comment Louise, I am very pleased you like the site, and there is so much more to come. Eating cheese is against the principles of veganism but is not the worst state to be in. Can I suggest you try a few different types of plant-based (fake) cheeses. I have to say some of these cheeses I do not like, others I really do, but the range available are getting better, and the options more numerous. There are a lot I have not even tried yet. Some melt just like animal based cheeses. All that without the health issues, animal cruelty and negative impact on the planet. Please keep coming back and any suggestions for articles or more details on some parts of them would be most welcome. Again, thank you for the comment. Peter.

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