Vospeed Mixer 1500 W 8l – Review, Because Vegans eat Cake too!

VOSPEED Stand Mixer 1500 watts 8Litre bowl with stainless steelvospeed bowl

 UK price £109.99 with voucher, was £159.99 but does vary according to colour and offers.
 Vospeed by Amazon

Product quality 9/10
Attachments 3, beater, hook, whisk all stainless steel.

Easy clean:
YES attachments are dishwasher safe
Speed: 6 optimised speeds with pulse

Overall Rank: 9/10


A high power 1500 watt mixer with a 8litre or 6 quart bowl.

Very easily sticks to the work surface with suction cups.

To check out the vospeed mixer in the amazon store please click here.


Comes with a whisk, dough hook and mixing beater as well as a splash guard to keep your kitchen clean, all the attachments are dishwasher safe.

Easy control

The illuminated blue dial makes selecting the right speed easy, and easily checkable/adjustable.


This previously came with a 1 year guarantee. However, at present it comes with an extended 3 year guarantee. They also have a messaging service where if you experience problems they promise to get back to you within 24 hours. Of course I can’t say how long this will last.

Tilt design

A clever and solid, tilt design makes it very easy to access the huge mixing bowl, and gives plenty of room to change the mixing attachment.

Pricing: Very good pricing for the quality of workmanship

However, this price does seem to vary from day to day. It has been advertised at a different price depending on the colour, red white and black, and is also offered at times with vouchers off, which needs to be taken into consideration when buying it. Though please be careful when selecting it. Vospeed do similar models with a 1000watt motor and a 6.2 l bowl. I suggest you choose the more powerful, larger capacity one as advertised here. It is definitely a good investment for the slightly higher price.


Unless you are going for the much more expensive Kenwood alternative and you can check that out here, I would definitely go for this Vospeed less well known name. It remains a strong versatile and easy to use mixer with a solid feel to it. It will happily mix a big batch of my vegan peanut butter and banana muffins, or whip that aquafaba into a meringue.

The majority of other reviews I have researched agree with me that this represents a good buy. One or two feel there should be somewhere to store the attachments, but the general design is both attractive and functional. I am pleased I bought one!

If you have any comments to add whether you have the same experience or not please let me know in the comments section below. Indeed, drop me a line on anything regarding the website at all. Is there a topic you want including, something you want expanding on or just some list prepared? Please let me know, I feel passionate about this subject and with living the lifestyle and ongoing research I am pretty knowledgeable on this subject now.

Peter Pont

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